About Project Refresh

Our Story

Founded in July of 2020, Project Refresh, Inc. is a non-profit organization that believes that access to a refreshing shower is a basic human right that no one should be denied. The vision behind Project Refresh was inspired by a similar organization working towards providing mobile showers to those in need in Houston, TX (Moving Waters). 

As a group of healthcare workers who have witnessed the effect that a shower has on an individual’s overall well-being and health, coupled with the fact that there are currently limited resources available in Augusta, GA that allow those in need access to a shower, it quickly became our mission to bring a mobile shower unit to several locations in the downtown Augusta area that would allow individuals to be afforded a refreshing shower, improving not only their hygiene but their dignity as well.  Our vision extends beyond simply providing a shower. We hope to establish partnerships with other organizations that serve the homeless population of Augusta, connect these individuals with resources that would ultimately improve one’s overall quality of life, and significantly reduce the homeless population of Augusta.

It is our goal to collaborate with those organizations already in existence who serve to meet a variety of other needs of our homeless including, but not limited to, clothing, food, shelter, job training/placement, substance abuse/recovery programs, and housing.  (i.e. Golden Harvest Food Bank, Garden City Rescue Mission, Salvation Army Center of Hope, Hale Foundation).  

Homelessness in Augusta

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Homelessness Data in Augusta, GA

Without adequate facilities for a basic human need to a shower within the city of Augusta, these individuals are left to desperately seek basic hygiene in restrooms of local businesses, porta johns/potties, and hospitals or to simply go without.  

 A recent study out of Boston, MA  (Personal Hygiene Practices among Urban Homeless Persons in Boston, MA, 12, July 2017) looked specifically at risk factors associated with reduced hygiene among the homeless population.  Identified risk factors include increased risk of skin infections, the potential to exacerbate already existing chronic diseases such as HIV or diabetes, and a contributor to mental health issues. And, while this particular study provides evidence-based research on the negative impacts of poor hygiene, we do not need research to tell us that a shower – a simple, basic shower – can refresh not only the body but the spirit.

Homelessness does not discriminate. Nor do we.  We will serve each individual who presents to us, with dignity and respect, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status.