Meet the Team

While reading an article about a similar organization in Houston Texas (Moving Waters) Jill, one of our founders, was moved by such an inspiring idea. While talking it over with friends she realized the impact such an organization could have on our area and the people in it. Each of the board members as well as many volunteers felt called by God to somehow make this happen here in Augusta.

The Board

We formed a Board of Directors to manage our everyday operations as well as ensure our alignment with the values and mission we would like to uphold.

Project Refresh Board of Directors
left to right
  • Kimberlee Bugher – President
  • Tracy Showman – Vice President
  • Jill Kozlowski
  • Brittany HuttoExecutive Director
  • Carolyn Lightfoot – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Keith Walton
  • Adam WilliamsTreasurer
  • Dan Smith
  • Page MarvelSecretary

The Team

We have also had many volunteers assisting with the formation and planning of our organization.

Project Refresh Team
left to right
  • Kimberlee Bugher
  • Page Marvel
  • Jill Kozlowski
  • Matthew Osborne
  • Melissa Osborne
  • Tracy Showman
  • Brittany Hutto


Jill Founder

Jill, one of the founders of Project Refresh, has lived in Augusta for the past ten years. She has a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and it was through her work that Jill had an opportunity to meet a patient who shared his very personal story with her about his days spent on the streets of our very own city, before he received some much needed help. While every part of his story captivated her heart, it was hearing him recount how dirty he felt, describing his socks sticking to his feet because of the filth, that Jill first heard God’s whisper. Jill looks most forward to being able to connect personally with each and every guest who will access the showers, hoping to make a difference in someone’s day.

Kimberlee President

Kimberlee is an occupational therapist that loves to work with the geriatric population. She enjoys spending time outdoors, sewing, and reading. Kimberlee moved to Augusta for grad school and decided to make this her home because of the connections she made here in hopes of using OT to make a difference in her community. When Jill, also a co-president of Project Refresh, expressed an interest to be involved in something like Project Refresh Kimberlee jumped at the idea. As an OT she sees daily what a shower means to someone who has gone without and she is excited to be able to help in providing this much needed service to our community.

Brittany Executive Director

Brittany has had a heart for people for many years, but realized the many unmet needs of the homeless in 2019 when she, and a small group of people started walking the streets of Augusta weekly passing out coffee and hygiene kits. Brittany was introduced to Jill and the vision of Project Refresh after mentioning her desire to do something tangible for the homeless of the CSRA to one of the physicians she worked with, who just so happened to be Jill’s husband Jeff! She’s really excited to see this project come to fruition and looks forward to being a small part in creating a tangible expression of dignity and hope for Augusta and the surrounding areas!

Tracy Vice President

Tracy has lived in Augusta for 30+ years and is a Speech Pathologist. Daily, she sees how much a shower can change a person’s outlook on life. When Jill presented the vision for Project Refresh, Tracy felt God’s calling to become a part of this exciting endeavor to bring hope and radical hospitality to the Augusta area one shower at a time.

Page Secretary

Page is an Occupational Therapist who loves helping people with an injury or illness regain function and independence in daily activities. Outside of work she also enjoys playing sports, water skiing and being in a weekly bible study.
After years of seeing many homeless individuals in Augusta, Page felt that God had given her a heart to help show the homeless population that they are seen and not forgotten. After being told by a coworker about the mission and vision of Project Refresh, Page knew she wanted to be involved and knew this would be a unique opportunity to help the homeless individuals in Augusta have access to basic hygiene and ultimately get back on their feet.