Join us in Welcoming our new Executive Director

Please join in us in welcoming our new Executive Director, Brittany Hutto!

We are so thankful for the individual support that we have received over the last year plus the grant funding that has allowed us to finally hire an executive director. This will allow our organization to provide showers more consistently during weekdays and more often every month. It has been our hope for some time to be able to provide our service more consistently because one to two showers a month is just not enough to sustain that sense of dignity for our guests. Brittany cannot do this alone though! As we increase the number of shower services our need for more consistent volunteers will also increase. Our team has gotten to see what it means to be able to be a consistent source of support for our guests and hope that we can inspire others to want to be a part of this. It means a lot to our guests to see the same faces regularly and to know that we care about them as whole individuals. Please reach out to us if you are interested!

We would also like to share a little bit more about Brittany so that you can get to know the new face for our organization. Brittany has been a part of Project Refresh since the beginning. She has been essential in the planning of our organization and ensuring that we have gone about our endeavors in a professional and thoughtful manner so that we could create a sustainable service and organization. Brittany easily makes connections with our guests and regularly ensures that they are connected with our partnering organizations and other necessary services in the community. She has a clear passion for seeing the person and not their circumstances. We are excited to see where Brittany will take our organization! Thank you again to our community and supporters that have helped us create this position!